Moving Tips


  • Movers may give binding estimates.

  • Non-binding estimates may not be accurate; actual charges may often exceed the estimate.

  • Specify pickup and delivery dates in the order for service.

  • The Bill of Lading is your contract with the mover… READ IT CAREFULLY… If you have any questions ask your mover.

  • Be sure that you understand the extent of your mover’s liability for loss and damage. 

  • You have the right to be present each time your shipment is weighed.

  • You may request a re-weigh of your shipment.

  • If you have moved on a non-binding estimate, you should have enough cash or a certified check to pay the estimated cost of your move plus 10 percent more at time of delivery.

  • Unresolved claims for loss or damage may be submitted to arbitration; ask your mover for details.

  • If you are moving with LEADERS and have any questions or problems prior to, during or after the move, call 1-800-481-6843 for immediate attention.